Addiction Treatment in America

If you’re reading this it’s possible you or someone close to you may be suffering from a drug use disorder.

Jun 12

Trump Creates Commission to Fight Opioid Crisis

You’re probably aware America is in the middle of a drug crisis. New records for drug overdose deaths have been

Apr 07

Alcoholism in Your Twenties, Just a Phase or an Addiction?

Many people get introduced to alcohol in their late teens when they are finishing high school and entering college. During

Mar 31

Heroin Abuse Rates Are Soaring in America

Calling heroin abuse in America an epidemic does little justice.  The figures regarding its use, abuse, and overdose rates, both

Feb 24

Brain Injury Therapy: What it means and how it works

For those who suffer a brain injury, the path to recovery can be long and demanding. However, with modern techniques

Jan 22

Mothers Battling Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Barriers to treatment confront women from the outset, and it’s no surprise that most women with a Substance Use Disorder

Dec 30