Ohio Churches to Address Opioid Epidemic

The state of Ohio has been plagued by heroin and prescription pill abuse over the past several years. Three of the top ten cities with the most opioid abuse by population are located in Ohio. Law enforcement is overworked, and politicians are constantly asking for more money to be spent on treatment. The state has … Read more

Ohio is at War with Opioid Abuse

The city of Akron, Ohio is pretty densely populated. Close to 200,000 people live there, and there are 3,200 people per square mile of land. It’s the fifth most populated city in the state. There are just some plain old facts. Are you ready for a scary fact? There are more opioid addicts in the … Read more

Trump Creates Commission to Fight Opioid Crisis

You’re probably aware America is in the middle of a drug crisis. New records for drug overdose deaths have been set every year over the past three. Opioid drugs, especially heroin and prescription pills, are the most fatal. More than 135 Americans die from drug overdoses every single day. Both major political parties have consistently … Read more

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