Alcohol Addiction Myths

Alcohol addiction myths cloud reality making people think they do not need help when they really do. Read on to find out some myths you should be aware of.

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Alcohol Addiction Myths

Alcohol addiction myths cloud reality making people think they do not need help when they really do. Read on to find out some myths you should be aware of.

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Common Myths

Alcoholism is an all-too-common problem. Many people do not receive the help they need because they do not think their problem is that bad. They may fool themselves or buy into alcohol addiction myths they have heard from other people. However, the bottom line is, these individuals are dealing with addiction. They are on a downward spiral and could hit rock bottom.  Moreover, they may believe dangerous alcohol addiction myths and continue to push away help.

I Don’t Have a Problem Because I Can Hold My Liquor 

People who have been drinking for a long time will eventually build up a tolerance. They may not seem as drunk as people who have consumed equal amounts and have not been drinking for as long. These individuals may think they do not have a problem because they can hold their liquor.  

What these functioning alcoholics fail to realize is that building tolerance is one of the warning signs of alcoholism. The more they drink, the more they need to drink to get the same effects. This means they end up spending more money and devoting more time to feeling normal. 

Furthermore, many alcoholics do not recognize how drunk they are acting. They may think they are holding their liquor when they are slurring their words and struggling to stand straight.  

Alcoholism Only Affects Certain Age Groups

This saying is one of the biggest alcohol addiction myths. In reality alcoholism affects people as young as twelve years old and as old as sixty-five and more. 1

The Struggle Against Alcohol Abuse

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I Can Overcome Extra Alcohol with Coffee 

People often think that they can counter intoxication by drinking coffee. They think the coffee will wake them up and reduce signs of alcoholism, but this belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are primarily two ways to overcome an alcohol use disorder, both of which take time and dedication. These include:


Medications can be used to treat alcoholism. They can reduce withdrawal symptoms, minimizing the urge to relapse during detox. Medications can also eliminate the pleasurable feelings alcohol causes in the brain helping to break the cycle of addiction.


Therapy can also treat alcoholism. There are a variety of therapies that can be used including CBT and DBT. These aim to find the underlying cause of alcoholism and treat it at its root. They introduce healthy coping mechanisms that reduce the urge to use, and they support sober living.3  

Alcoholism is a Lack of Willpower

Many functioning alcoholics buy into alcohol addiction myths by telling themselves and others that alcoholism is due to a lack of willpower. They feel that if they could stop at any time if they want to. However, they do not realize that the problem is more out of their control than they might think. 

Here are some of the real factors behind alcoholism. 

  • Genetics: If you have a relative that was an alcoholic, you will be three to four times more likely to develop the disease as compared to someone who does not have alcoholism in their family. 
  • Sex: Statistics show that men are more likely to drink than women. However, women are more likely to experience bodily damage due to alcoholism.4 
  • Age: Most drinkers fall in the age group of eighteen to twenty-four. However, alcoholism can affect people of any age.  
  • Social pressures: Social pressures may come up in school-age kids. For instance, if friends are experimenting with alcohol, they may put pressure on their peers to try it. However, you will find this pressure at any age, including friends that convince you to go out drinking or to do that extra shot at the bar.  

Overcoming Addiction

Once Addicted to Alcohol, there is No Way Out 

This statement is another one of the big alcohol addiction myths. Functioning alcoholics continue to engage in alcohol abusive behavior because they tell themselves they do not have a choice. However, there are ways to get help, including the following.  

Seeking Help 

The first step is to find the help you need. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources when it comes to overcoming alcoholic behavior, including support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, rehab centers, outpatient therapy, and more. Look online to find out about your options.  

Family Support 

It is challenging to resist temptation on your own. Turn to your family to get the support you need when it comes to committing to getting well.  

I Can Quit Without Getting Help 

Many functioning alcoholics buy into alcohol addiction myths that tell them they can quit without getting help. This type of recovery can happen, but it is rare. Those that try to make it on their own often end up relapsing sooner rather than later.  

The best choice may be to check yourself into a rehab facility. The medical staff will offer the following services. 

Ease the Withdrawal Process 

Detox is one of the hardest parts of recovery. Patients experience withdrawal symptoms that make them want to go back to drinking. Medical staff will provide you with medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. They will see to it that you don’t relapse during this difficult time.  

Professional Help 

Once the detox process is complete, the staff will follow up with therapy. They will give you the tools you need to overcome the temptations of intoxication and maintain a sober lifestyle.  

How Arrow Passage Can Help

There are many rehab facilities out there, but Arrow Passage provides high-quality treatment that sets us apart. We treat all types of addiction, ensuring you get the help you need. We use dual diagnosis addressing underlying causes of addiction to treat dependency issues at their root.  

We provide an upscale home-like environment so you can recover in comfort. We offer a variety of programs including inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization. We follow up with aftercare to ensure you maintain sobriety.  

Do not buy into alcohol addiction myths that can ruin your life. Reach out to Arrow Passage today. We will give you the strength you need to move on with this next chapter of your life.  

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