Individualized Addiction Treatment

individualized addiction treatment

Individualized Addiction Treatment

In your first individual therapy sessions at Arrow Passage Recovery, your therapist will assess your motivations and work with you to set treatment goals, such as learning coping skills, managing emotions without using drugs, and enhancing social supports. You and your therapist will examine your damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and behaviors.

What is Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Some clients have to work through their justifications for drug abuse and understand how harmful their behaviors have been to themselves and others. Your therapist at Arrow Passage Recovery may help you analyze the costs and benefits of change, and make a plan for your goals. Sometimes a therapist will challenge any underlying assumptions or beliefs you have that are at the foundation of your drug abuse.

Most therapists assign “homework” such as reading certain books or keeping a journal. Your therapist may also play the role of your personal “cheerleader” – someone who celebrates your every step of progress toward your goal of becoming drug-free.

One-on-one therapy is something that is valued highly at Arrow Passage Recovery. While group therapy is important, individual one-on-one focused care is provided regularly for personal growth and development. This is the time when a client can begin to feel entirely comfortable with one of our therapists or addictions counselors. Also, this time is used to discuss the progress on their treatment plans.

The overall goal of individualized addiction treatment plans assigned to clients at Arrow Passage Recovery is to get to the root causes of excessive drug or alcohol use. Each person has specific and unique manifestations of addiction or alcoholism. Our professional staff is prepared and qualified to properly address each individual issue that any given person may have. Our residential inpatient and aftercare options provide clients with an intensive personal treatment plan that was developed entirely for them by our highly trained professionals.

Understanding Individual Treatment

No two people have the same addiction history or will face the same set of challenges while becoming clean and sober. Consequently, the methods by which each person achieves sobriety are unique. With this in mind, Arrow Passage Recovery addresses the unique needs and circumstances of each individual client suffering from alcohol and drug dependency.

This approach to individualized addiction treatment necessitates a clear understanding of the entire person, informed by their psychological, psychosocial, emotional, personal, medical, spiritual and family background. Once this understanding is accomplished, an Individualized Treatment Plan is crafted. If you’ve been struggling with addiction and are ready to take your life back, give us a call and learn about your options

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