Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug addiction takes many forms, but it is heralded by the same inevitable signs. Learning how to identify the signs

Oct 17

Aftercare: How to Maintain Sobriety after Rehab

Despite what you might encounter that suggests the opposite, rehabilitation works. However, it only works if you work at it

Oct 04

Effects of Heroin on the Brain

The drug impacts a wide range of areas of the human brain, leading to a list of short- and long-term

Aug 08

How to Hold an Intervention

Watching someone you love deal with the serious consequences of alcoholism or drug dependency can be heart-wrenching. Knowing that the

Jun 05

Coping with a Substance Abusing Family Member

It’s an unfortunate circumstance that your immediate or extended family, someone is a substance abuser. Maybe it’s alcoholism, maybe it’s

May 25

Lack of Mental Health Resources Ohio State

Ohio State is a renowned university that is home to multiple degree programs and prominent athletic teams in the Buckeye

May 01

Take Charge Ohio | Ohio Opioid Epidemic

Ohio has earned the unfortunate distinction of being the center of rising deaths due to opioid overdose. Between June 2016

Apr 06

April 2018: The 31st Annual NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month

Right around 42 million Americans over eighteen years of age are drinkers. That means there are more alcohol drinkers in

Mar 29

Ohio Drug Overdose Problem

Drug addiction is a life-altering disease that can lead to the compulsive use of substances that are harmful to the

Feb 13

Relapse Prevention Plan | Warning Signs & Coping Skills

You should congratulate yourself on making it this far. It has been a long journey, and whether you have completely

Feb 01

Addiction Treatment in America

If you’re reading this it’s possible you or someone close to you may be suffering from a drug use disorder.

Jun 12

No Room for Bodies: Overdoses in Ohio

There is a scene from the 2003 movie The Core where hundreds of birds begin to fall to Earth, apparently

Jun 04