Faith Based

Faith Based

If your religious faith is important to you, a faith-based rehab facility at Arrow Passage Recovery may be more helpful to you than a secular facility. Faith-based rehab centers will operate from the same core values that are important to you, which can help you feel more supported as you seek healing from your addiction.

Another advantage of going through a faith-based rehab program at Arrow Passage Recovery is that others in the program holds similar spiritual beliefs. This gives you the chance to fellowship with other believers who are going through the same trials that you are. This can help strengthen your faith and allow you to realize that many people who believe in God struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. You can also help support and inspire other people who are going through Arrow Passage Recovery. You may be able to continue fellowshipping with group members after you leave rehab. Some religious people find that this helps give meaning to their struggle with alcohol and drugs; they feel like they were chosen by God to help others who are suffering. After recovering with drug or alcohol addiction, many former addicts start believing that their difficulties were part of God’s plan for them.

Spiritual Foundation

Arrow Passage Recovery offers group and individual counseling to you as well as the opportunity to participate in 12-step groups. You may also have the opportunity to have some counseling sessions with members of your family. In Arrow Passage Recovery, counseling will have a spiritual foundation in addition to being based on psychological principles.

Most people need some additional support after they finish rehab so they can continue using the new tools and techniques that they learned while in the facility. Arrow Passage Recovery offers aftercare so you aren’t left hanging after you graduate from the program.

Not all faith-based rehabs are alike. At Arrow Passage Recovery It’s important to for us to take the time to find out exactly what spiritual principles you’ll feel comfortable with so you can get exactly what you need from treatment.

In addition to being comfortable with Arrow Passage Recovery spiritual foundation, you need to be comfortable with the way Arrow Passage Recovery incorporates faith-based principles into the treatment plan. Either way, you will feel comfortable with the way the program operates.

Professionally Trained Clinicians

Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. The program at Arrow Passage Recovery is composed of professionally trained clinicians who care and are committed. Individuals in recovery and their families can be assured that our protocol will not conflict with Scripture. Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care and group therapy to treat the entire person physically, psychologically and spiritually.

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