Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Alcohol is a drug and is a terrible disease that often causes problems in the lives of those who use it. But alcohol addiction treatment is available. This article will review the options so you can get the help you need.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Alcohol is a drug and is a terrible disease that often causes problems in the lives of those who use it. But alcohol addiction treatment is available. This article will review the options so you can get the help you need.

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Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

According to the Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG) initiative, twenty-three million Americans are currently addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.1 Sadly, only one out of ten get the help they need. There are many reasons why this may be the case, and some individuals may not know about the alcohol addiction treatment that is available.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, there are many options when it comes to getting help.  


Counseling is a type of therapy that targets a specific issue. It is typically short-term in nature, but it can be extremely beneficial when it comes to gaining back control of your life from alcoholism. 

Treating Underlying Problems

Many people turn to alcohol to self-medicate underlying mental health issues. Alcohol addiction treatment aims to identify these underlying issues and treat them at their root. 


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a free group therapy alcohol abuse treatment. It is based on the principle that there are 12-Steps to recovery, and it is spiritual in nature. 


Detox is typically the first step in rehab recovery. It involves patients allowing their bodies to cleanse themselves of illicit substances. During the process, patients experience withdrawal symptoms that make them want to go back to using. Alcohol addiction treatment often includes assisted detox in which patients are administered alcohol detox medication to relieve symptoms and decrease the chance of relapse. 


Alcohol detox medication is used to relieve symptoms of withdrawal, but there are other medications designed to decrease patterns of addiction. They bring on changes in the brain so that alcohol no longer produces a pleasant sensation when it is ingested. 


There are various types of alcohol abuse treatment therapies including CBT, DBT, and more. They aim to identify underlying causes of dependency and introduce healthy coping mechanisms that replace the urge to use. 

Behavioral Treatments for Alcohol Addiction

Behavioral therapy is based on the theory that feelings are caused by a person’s thoughts and not any outside stimuli. It focuses on changing negative thought patterns that may cause addictive behavior.

Here are some types of behavioral alcohol addiction treatment. 


It has been shown that people with greater self-control are less likely to form addictive habits.2 Self-control is encouraged in alcohol abuse treatment. 


A counselor may focus on a specific issue, such as lack of self-control, and use short-term alcohol addiction treatment to promote change. 

Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

Several types of therapy can be used in alcohol abuse treatment. These include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) aims to change negative thought patterns to promote positive behavioral changes. It helps patients recognize stressors, improve self-control, and come up with healthy coping mechanisms that replace the urge to drink.3

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy is designed to help the patient want to overcome addiction. It puts them in a position where they are ready to make a change.4  

Rehabilitation Programs

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Inpatient Rehab for Alcoholism

Many drug rehab programs offer inpatient alcohol abuse treatment. Patients live in the facility for the duration of their primary treatment. They undergo detox and therapy to help them overcome their dependency issues. 

Outpatient Rehab for Alcoholism

Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment may also be offered at an alcohol detox center. It can be a form of aftercare for patients that complete inpatient programs, or it can be the main form of rehab.

Patients will split their time between therapy sessions and everyday life. The amount of therapy they need will vary according to the severity of the addiction. 

Medication for Alcohol Addiction

MAT for alcohol (medication-assisted treatment) may also be introduced in the treatment process. Patients may receive alcohol detox medication that reduces withdrawal symptoms. These alcohol detox drugs are given during the alcohol cleanse keeping patients as comfortable as possible and reducing the likelihood of relapse.

Other drugs may be administered to reduce addictive tendencies. They eliminate feelings of pleasure associated with alcohol, making patients less likely to drink. MAT is usually combined with other types of alcohol addiction treatment such as talk therapy. This two-pronged approach eliminates both physical and mental issues that may cause a person to drink. 

Where Can You Receive Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

Several drug rehab programs offer alcohol addiction treatment. You can look on the internet or ask for referrals to find an alcohol detox center that is right for you.

However, there are also some aspects to consider when choosing the right alcohol detox center. A good rehab facility will offer a comfortable atmosphere, a well-trained staff, and a customized treatment program. 

Types of Professionals Involved in Treatment

Several types of professionals may be involved in your alcohol addiction treatment, including: 

  • Primary Care: Your primary care physician will assess you to see if you have any physical conditions that may lead you to drink. They will continue to care for you throughout treatment to make sure you are not having adverse reactions to MAT for alcohol and to see to it that no other health issues develop.
  • Psychologist: Your psychologist oversees your mental health care. They will address underlying issues that may have caused you to use.
  • Psychiatrist: Your psychiatrist will prescribe medications that treat addiction and its underlying causes.
  • Counselor: A counselor will provide mental health guidance on a short-term basis.
  • Social Worker: A social work may help you with your mental health issues. They may also help when it comes to dealing with family and professional matters. 

Arrow Passage Offers Top-Notch Alcohol Abuse Center

There are many drug rehab program centers, but Arrow Passage takes an approach that sets us apart. We are an inpatient alcohol treatment center that also offers outpatient services. We provide customized therapies ensuring each patient gets the personalized care they need. We combine traditional methods with holistic treatments and medication-assisted treatment in Ohio, ensuring everyone we treat receives the care they need to overcome dependency issues.

Alcoholism is a terrible disease. Reach out to Arrow Passage to get the help you need today. We will assist you in finding a better life for yourself and those who love you.  

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