Arrow Passage Recovery’s Alumni Services

Arrow Passage Recovery's alumni services provide support through volunteer opportunities, social events, and a strong community to help sustain recovery.

Who We Are

Arrow Passage Recovery is a leading addiction treatment center located in Massillon, Ohio. Our 8-acre estate provides a serene and supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

We take pride in our mission to bring quality recovery services to local communities, ensuring that effective care is accessible without the need for extensive travel or separation from loved ones.

Our Mission and Values

At Arrow Passage Recovery, our mission is rooted in ethics, proactivity, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry. We operate with the utmost transparency, adhering to stringent regulations and prioritizing the well-being of our patients above all else. 

Our values encompass:

  • Sincere and compassionate care
  • Exciting and forward-thinking approaches
  • Competent and skilled professionals
  • Open-mindedness and acceptance of diverse backgrounds
  • Zero tolerance for judgment or discrimination

Our Approach to Recovery

We believe in a comprehensive and personalized approach to recovery, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our continuum of care and evidence-based treatment modalities ensure a holistic and effective journey towards lasting sobriety.

Continuum of Care

At Arrow Passage Recovery, we understand that recovery is a journey, not a destination. Our continuum of care is designed to meet you where you are and provide the appropriate level of support every step of the way. Our options include:

  • Residential Treatment: Our residential program provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals in the early stages of recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): This intensive outpatient program offers a step-down level of care while allowing individuals to maintain connections with their families and communities.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): The IOP provides a flexible schedule for those transitioning to independent living while continuing to receive comprehensive support.

Outpatient Treatment (OP): Our outpatient program is designed for individuals who have achieved stability in their recovery and require ongoing support and accountability.

Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

At Arrow Passage Recovery, we understand that effective treatment requires a multifaceted approach tailored to each individual’s unique needs.  Our evidence-based treatment modalities draw from proven methodologies and therapeutic interventions, including:
  • 12-Step Model: Incorporating the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, this model emphasizes peer support and a spiritual foundation for recovery.
  • Faith-Based Program: For those seeking a faith-based approach, we offer specialized programming that integrates spiritual principles and practices.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment ( MAT): When indicated by medical assessment, we provide medication-assisted treatment in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies.
  • Matrix Model: This comprehensive, multi-format program covers critical areas such as individual therapy, relapse prevention, family education, and social support, providing a well-rounded approach to recovery.
No matter which phase of recovery you find yourself in, Arrow Passage Recovery will be there to guide and empower you. We ensure a seamless transition through each level of care, providing the structure and resources you need to maintain lasting sobriety.

Valued Alumni - A Lifelong Connection

At Arrow Passage Recovery, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and supportive alumni community. Our valued alumni are a testament to the transformative power of recovery and serve as inspiration for those embarking on their own journeys.


“They literally saved my life and for that I will forever be grateful. Their staff care so

deeply for each and every client.” – Kelsey B., Alumni


“Unlike any other treatment facility. Very personalized. I’m excited to live out my

recovery.” – Mike W., Alumni


“I was given the tools and skills necessary to build a healthy and productive future.” – Robert F., Alumni


Our alumni are living proof that recovery is possible, and their journeys inspire us to continue providing the highest quality care and support to those seeking a path to lasting sobriety.

Benefits of Alumni Services - Continuing the Journey

Recovery is an ongoing process, and our alumni services are designed to provide continued support, accountability, and resources to help you maintain your hard-earned sobriety.

Continued Support and Accountability

Through our alumni program, you’ll have access to a network of individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of recovery. This support system fosters a sense of community, encouragement, and accountability, helping you stay on track with your goals.

Fostering Healthy Connections

Isolation and loneliness can be significant obstacles in recovery. Our alumni services offer opportunities to build meaningful connections with others who share similar experiences, promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Volunteer Opportunities (A.R.C.H. Program)

The Arrow Passage Recovery A.R.C.H. (Accountability, Recovery, Community, Hope) Program provides organized volunteer opportunities in the surrounding communities. 

Through these service and learn events, you can:

  • Increase self-worth, gratitude, and purpose
  • Be an example that recovery is possible
  • Dispel negative stereotypes about addiction
  • Foster healthy friendships and a strong sense of community

Additionally, we host regular recovery support meetings, allowing you to stay connected to the Arrow Passage Recovery family and stay up-to-date on recovery-related events and resources.

By staying engaged with our community, you’ll have access to ongoing support, resources, and a network of individuals who share your commitment to recovery.

Our Alumni Program - A Comprehensive Approach

Our alumni program is designed to provide a comprehensive range of activities, events, and communication channels to support your ongoing recovery journey.

Program Overview

As an alumnus of Arrow Passage Recovery, you’ll have access to a wide array of resources and opportunities, including:

Service and Learning Events

Our service and learning events are designed to put recovery into motion by being of service to our community. These events not only increase self-worth, gratitude, and purpose but also serve as an example that recovery is possible, dispelling negative stereotypes about addiction.

Social Gatherings

Regular social gatherings provide a safe and supportive environment for alumni to connect, share experiences, and celebrate milestones in their recovery journeys.

These events foster a sense of community and camaraderie among individuals who understand the challenges and triumphs of recovery.

Educational Workshops

To support your ongoing growth and development, we offer educational workshops covering a wide range of topics relevant to recovery, such as relapse prevention strategies, stress management techniques, and personal development skills.

Communication Channels - Staying Connected

Maintaining strong connections and open communication is vital for sustaining the progress made during treatment. Arrow Passage Recovery offers multiple channels to facilitate ongoing engagement within our alumni community:

Closed Alumni Facebook Group

Our closed alumni Facebook group serves as a virtual community where you can connect with fellow alumni, share updates, and receive support from Arrow Passage Recovery staff. This platform provides a safe and secure space for open discussions, resource sharing, and encouragement.

Email Updates and Newsletters

Stay informed about upcoming events, new resources, and important updates by subscribing to our alumni email list. Our newsletters will keep you connected to the Arrow Passage Recovery community and provide valuable information to support your recovery journey.

Alumni Leadership and Involvement

Fostering a strong sense of community and peer support is a cornerstone of our alumni program. We actively encourage alumni engagement and provide structured opportunities for leadership roles:

Alumni President and Committee

Our alumni program is led by an Alumni President and a dedicated committee of former clients who have demonstrated a strong commitment to recovery and a desire to give back to the community.

These leaders play a vital role in shaping the direction of our alumni services and ensuring that the needs of our alumni are met.

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage our alumni to get involved and give back to the Arrow Passage Recovery community through various volunteer opportunities.

Whether it’s serving on the alumni committee, mentoring current clients, or assisting with events and activities, your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of others.

Alumni Services

Join Our Alumni Community - Embrace the Journey

Recovery is a lifelong journey, and at Arrow Passage Recovery, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

By joining our alumni community, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities to strengthen your recovery and positively impact the lives of others.

Eligibility Requirements

To become a member of our alumni community, you must have successfully completed a treatment program at Arrow Passage Recovery. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Registration Process

Registering for our alumni program is simple. Upon completing your treatment, our staff will provide you with the necessary information and guidance to enroll in the program.

Embrace Your Journey To Recovery

Take the first step towards maintaining your recovery and join our alumni community today. Together, we can support one another, celebrate milestones, and continue the journey towards a fulfilling and sober life. Contact us now to get started!

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