Aftercare: How to Maintain Sobriety after Rehab

Despite what you might encounter that suggests the opposite, rehabilitation works. However, it only works if you work at it

Oct 04

How to Hold an Intervention

Watching someone you love deal with the serious consequences of alcoholism or drug dependency can be heart-wrenching. Knowing that the

Jun 05

Tips for Parents with Addicted Children

Addiction starts early. Over 90% of addicts begin abusing drugs or alcohol before the age of 18. While it’s impossible

Mar 24

10 Ways to Maintain Sobriety | Aftercare

When it comes to addiction recovery, the only thing harder than getting sober is staying sober. Relapse is unfortunately rather

Mar 03

Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment in the United States

HOW TO RECEIVE AFFORD TREATMENT Currently, over 300 million people live in America. Approximately 270 million of them are over

Feb 09