Man Attacks Wife’s Heroin Dealer – Community Supports Him

It’s the winter of 2015. Edwin Sobony, his wife Marie, and their five children live in a house in Hamilton, Ohio. Marie’s cousin Larry is a heroin dealer, and he sometimes supplies her with it. Edwin hates that his wife does heroin, and tells Larry repeatedly to stay away. He continues to show up with … Read more

The Importance of Nutritional Therapy in Recovery

Research shows that eating healthy can go a long way toward helping you on the road to addiction recovery. There is a common belief in the addiction recovery world that when you are overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction you should allow yourself to indulge in all the sweets, fats, and junk food you want. … Read more

From Surgery to Addiction: A path too easy to follow

You’re not addicted to anything, except maybe that morning coffee. You fall playing a pick-up game of basketball and break your ankle. A visit to the doctor leads to a visit to the hospital because of some complication that requires surgery. The doctor tells you to stay off it for six weeks, and prescribes you Codeine … Read more

27 Overdoses in 24 Hours: Hazardous Heroin in Central Ohio

It all happened in one day’s time. Ohio police reported that during the 24 hours between September 26th and 27th, there were 27 heroin overdoses in the Columbus and Linden areas. Sergeant Rich Weiner of the Columbus Police told NBC that city officials responded to multiple overdose calls during the time period, all of which … Read more

State of Ohio, State of Emergency: The Heroin Epidemic

Ohio has rapidly become ground zero for one of the worst outbreaks of drug-related deaths in the country’s history. At the center of the event are opiates, a class of drugs regularly prescribed as painkillers by doctors. Between 2010 and 2015, the state rapidly emerged as the drug overdose capital of the nation. According to … Read more

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