At Arrow Passage Recovery in Ohio, our team of addiction treatment specialists understand the underlying effects of alcohol on family, friends, and health. Our proven alcohol rehab program gives you the tools to beat your alcohol addiction.

What is Alcohol Rehab?

We offer individualized treatment programs for detoxification, residential and outpatient alcohol rehab in Ohio. We will guide you to stop drinking alcohol and beat your addiction to alcohol by teaching relapse prevention, how to cope with triggers, and how to respond to the social pressures of drinking.

Understanding Alcoholism

We want you to be comfortable in your surroundings. Arrow Passage Recovery is located on 8 Acres of land in Massillon, Ohio making it the perfect get away from your everyday life. This is crucial to breaking the cycle of alcoholism.

We work hard to help implement changes necessary to living free of alcohol. We tailor our alcohol rehab program to your needs and that begins with understand alcoholism and understanding you. Recovering from alcoholism is not easy, but at Arrow Passage Recovery we provide the tools for alcohol rehab to be successful for you.