Ohio is at War with Opioid Abuse

The city of Akron, Ohio is pretty densely populated. Close to 200,000 people live there, and there are 3,200 people per square mile of land. It’s the fifth most populated city in the state. There are just some plain old facts. Are you ready for a scary fact? There are more opioid addicts in the … Read more

Putnam County Combatting Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Recently there have been efforts to focus on the safety and monetary hazard in the workplace, when pertaining to drug abuse, The Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Board of Putnam County (ADAMHS Board), have come together with 15 local collaborators and partners to introduce the Working Partners® Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative in Putnam … Read more

Alcohol Consumption On the Rise in Ohio

Over the last few years, you may have noticed increased reports of substance abuse throughout the country. We are not strangers to the increasingly wide-spread use of alcohol, pills, heroin, and other drugs. We’re also becoming more and more familiar with campaigns trying to get this problem under control. You may have even come across … Read more

Treatment Options for Ohioans: Our Response

On November 10th Deborah King wrote an article based out of Wooster, Ohio, regarding the state’s opioid epidemic. You can read the article here. Being a licensed substance abuse counselor, recovery ambassador, and former addict herself, she speaks from both experience and knowledge. King believes the African-American community in Ohio is not receiving the best … Read more

Man Attacks Wife’s Heroin Dealer – Community Supports Him

It’s the winter of 2015. Edwin Sobony, his wife Marie, and their five children live in a house in Hamilton, Ohio. Marie’s cousin Larry is a heroin dealer, and he sometimes supplies her with it. Edwin hates that his wife does heroin, and tells Larry repeatedly to stay away. He continues to show up with … Read more

27 Overdoses in 24 Hours: Hazardous Heroin in Central Ohio

It all happened in one day’s time. Ohio police reported that during the 24 hours between September 26th and 27th, there were 27 heroin overdoses in the Columbus and Linden areas. Sergeant Rich Weiner of the Columbus Police told NBC that city officials responded to multiple overdose calls during the time period, all of which … Read more

State of Ohio, State of Emergency: The Heroin Epidemic

Ohio has rapidly become ground zero for one of the worst outbreaks of drug-related deaths in the country’s history. At the center of the event are opiates, a class of drugs regularly prescribed as painkillers by doctors. Between 2010 and 2015, the state rapidly emerged as the drug overdose capital of the nation. According to … Read more

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