Trump Creates Commission to Fight Opioid Crisis

You’re probably aware America is in the middle of a drug crisis. New records for drug overdose deaths have been set every year over the past three. Opioid drugs, especially heroin and prescription pills, are the most fatal. More than 135 Americans die from drug overdoses every single day. Both major political parties have consistently … Read more

Alcoholism in Your Twenties, Just a Phase or an Addiction?

Alcoholism in Your Twenties, Just a Phase or an Addiction? Alcoholism in Your Twenties, Just a Phase or an Addiction? Introduction to Alcohol Many people get introduced to alcohol in their late teens when they are finishing high school and entering college. During college, in America, there is a binge drinking culture. So, a young … Read more

Heroin Abuse Rates Are Soaring in America

Calling heroin abuse in America an epidemic does little justice.  The figures regarding its use, abuse, and overdose rates, both fatal and non-fatal, are bewildering.  Over the last 15 years, heroin abuse rose from being a sincere issue to being an overwhelming tragedy.  Five people died per day in the year 2001 from heroin overdoses, … Read more

Brain Injury Therapy: What it means and how it works

For those who suffer a brain injury, the path to recovery can be long and demanding. However, with modern techniques and technologies, brain injury therapy is more developed than ever before. With some references from the Brain Injury Resource Center (BIRC), as well as exclusive information from a Professional Clinical Counselor based out of Ohio, … Read more

Mothers Battling Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Barriers to treatment confront women from the outset, and it’s no surprise that most women with a Substance Use Disorder are never treated for it. Compared to men with Opioid Dependence women are likely to be at a socioeconomic and educational disadvantage, to be underemployed or unemployed, and to have primary child-care responsibilities. Their Opioid … Read more

What is Addiction? – Physical and Mental Health Effects

What is Addiction? What is Addiction? Substance Use Disorders Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. Addiction is … Read more

Prescribing Addictions: Survey on Legal Opioids is Revealing

A survey conducted recently by the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation was one of the largest ever done on long-term prescription opioid use. A total of 809 people were interviewed. 622 of them had taken opioid painkillers for two months or more throughout the last two years. The other 187 people were living at the time … Read more

Opioid Deaths Increase … Obama Wages War

What is High Functioning Anxiety?

America is fighting an all-out war against opioid abuse right now, and losing. The Obama administration has been fighting honorably. Much action has been taken, especially in the last two years, to combat the opioid epidemic. Still, the year 2014 set all-time records for opioid-caused deaths in this country. “The increasing number of deaths from … Read more

Limits on Narcan? A Recent Death Begs the Question

Two weeks ago in North Carolina, Jonathan Hayes was driving his pickup truck on heroin. He overdosed behind the wheel, lost control, and hit another vehicle. Two-year-old Mason Richardson was inside the other vehicle, and he died on impact. Mason’s pregnant mother was driving, and had her sibling in the passenger seat. Both were injured. … Read more

From Surgery to Addiction: A path too easy to follow

You’re not addicted to anything, except maybe that morning coffee. You fall playing a pick-up game of basketball and break your ankle. A visit to the doctor leads to a visit to the hospital because of some complication that requires surgery. The doctor tells you to stay off it for six weeks, and prescribes you Codeine … Read more

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